Governor Mead Addresses the State of the State

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Cheyenne - (KCWY) "As a state we have made remarkable progress," said Governor Matt Mead.
Progress that many legislators agreed on today, but in the next month bills introduced in the state capitol are certain to cause controversy, especially Medicaid expansion.
"Of course today the governor expressed that he isn't in favor of government expansion at this point," said Senator Tony Ross, the President of the Wyoming Senate.
Many legislators are simply happy to look into it at all.
"I think there is more support for at least discussing Medicaid expansion; certainly I was so pleased I nearly fell out of my chair," said (D) Representative Mary Throne, House Minority Floor Leader.
Another issue sure to hit Wyoming closely is an EPA decision to make changes to coal-fired power plants. Some state legislators say it would have a huge impact on energy jobs.
"When federal agencies present unreasonable rules, exceed their authority, or pick winners and losers, we should and we will challenge them," said Governor Mead.
"We don't really need EPA meddling around in our business because we know how to take care of ourselves," said Representative Throne.
Meanwhile outside the capitol, people wanted Wyoming legislators to stop what they call meddling in their personal lives.
"Our goal is to get Cannabis legalized in Wyoming," said Christine Christian, who was demonstrating in front of the capitol to legalize Marijuana.
By showing their support, demonstrators hope a proposed bill will bring the discussion to the table.
"We had heard from several people that nobody in Wyoming wanted to see Cannabis legalized, so we came down here to show them that there are a lot of us," said Christian.