Governor Mead Addresses Energy Summit in Casper

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Casper- (KCWY) Governor Matt Mead addressed the two day Wyoming Energy Summit at the Parkway Plaza Hotel in Casper Monday and said he is fed up with the federal government imposing on the state.

"It touches everything we do in our lives every day and we have some big challenges mostly imposed by the federal government, but also some we need to work on directly,” said Governor Mead.

The mead administration currently has 24 lawsuits against the federal government, 8 of those against the EPA. He says the agency is injecting itself too deeply into our states' energy policies. Many of the new regulations he believes will be detrimental to the state's coal industry.

"If you want to replace coal with any other energy source our state would look fundamentally different to have the same amount of energy,” said Mead.

Energy the governor says impacts the whole country, Wyoming being the number one exporter of coal and uranium in the United States.

"Without the energy or spectrum of energy that we have Wyoming would not be what it is today,” said Rick Weight, the branch manager at Milford Pipe and Supply in Gillette.

Just this week Washington’s governor announced plans to do away with coal-generated electricity and wean themselves off of coal generated power they get from Wyoming.

"We are interested in not just our own state, but also in powering the rest of the country and the world and I don't think you're going to get there without coal,” said Mead.

Those interested in powering the country and developing new innovation for the future in this industry say Wyoming is the place to do it, and if federal regulations continue to hamper their efforts the country will see the effects.

"It would be not years, but months before people starting going without power, without heat, without all the way through because we export all over the country,” said Weight.