Good Friday Brings Good Spirits to Casper

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Today is Good Friday; the day Christians believe Jesus died for their sins on the cross.

Many Christians celebrate all of Holy Week, which leads up to Easter--The biggest Christian holiday of the year.

Churches are holding services all weekend in Casper.

Reverend Major of St. Mark's Church says, "we are doing Stations of the Cross. They are group reflections and prayers on each stage in Jesus Christ's journey on Good Friday."

Christians say Christ's story on Good Friday is one of great passion and inspiration.

"The complexity and depth of everything that's happening in the passion story is sometimes best reflected with fewer words"

St. Mark's will be holding three services in remembrance today, ending with a service that portrays the story of Good Friday in a special way.

Rev. Major says, "something like music that is more artistic that touches us in some way without words."

Holy Week is just as big, if not bigger, than Christmas because it celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ, with special services being held over several days, leading up to Easter Sunday.

Kristina Hunter, a member of the Parrish says, "Sunday's a fantastic day in the Christian Church, it's the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ."

Hunter says this time of year is even more special to her because every year at St. Mark's, the Easter Vigil service does something special.

"Last year, our youngest was baptized during the Easter Vigil."

She says it helps Christians in the community feel grateful.

Hunter continues, "it really lifts up your heart and makes you feel full of grace and pride and hope."

St. Mark's Church will be holding one Easter service on Sunday at 9 AM.

And after the service, they will have an Easter egg hunt for children
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