Frontier Day's Impact on State's Economy

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Cheyenne Frontier Days brings hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to the cowboy state to give them a glimpse of western history. Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President Dale Steenbergen says, "As you walk around you'll see folks from China and Germany and just about any country you can name visiting us."

The ten-day long event not only brings people here, but millions of dollars into the state’s economy, too. Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says, "Last year Frontier days committee identified they rolled 25 million dollars into our community for that ten day event."

New hotels are even being built to help keep up with the people wanting to attend the event. Wyoming Office of Tourism Media Manager Chris Mickey says, "Cheyenne is growing and they're building a couple more hotels. One just opened I think last month in preparation for this and we have one planned downtown a new Hilton."

Some companies will even base businesses trips around ‘The Daddy of them All.’ "CEO's from all over the country that maybe their companies have a sponsorship at Frontier Days or they have a location here. They schedule meetings during this time. They come in boxes with their company, but folks from all over the country and frankly from other countries as well like to take the time to come to Cheyenne during Frontier Days," Steenbergen said.

Once here, some decided they want to stay here. "Over the years people come and say I’d like to do business there. Businesses move because somebody liked the community. So we feel like it's just very important that we put our best foot forward and provide that opportunity during those ten days," Steenbergen said.