Food Trucks Are Regulated, But Not Food From Trucks

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Imagine getting your favorite food made fresh to order without having to go into a restaurant. Well you can, but with a touch of caution. News 13 looked into the regulations on food trucks.
If grabbing lunch from a food truck is something you do frequently, you'll be happy to learn they are held to high health standards.
John Drinnon, a spokesman for the Natrona County Health Department said, "Mobile units are required to meet the same criteria as a restaurant. They have to be self-contained, as though they are a rolling restaurant."
One food truck operator in Casper says Natrona County Health Department Officials check in regularly.
Nicholas Dickerson, who operates The Big Red Bus, said, "We get the same health inspectors. We actually just got our health inspection done."
That was only one of a minimum of two annual inspections says Drinnon, but just because there is an inspection doesn't mean the truck passed. So ask to see proof and the vendors license license.
Drinnon said, "I highly recommend that because we do have illegal food vendors in our community."
Drinnon says the illegal food vendors are the ones which really cause trouble, because they aren't held to health department standards. There is however, an easy way for consumers to tell when dealing with a legitimate establishment.
Drinnon said, "They look like an extension of their restaurant. They're pulling product from the back of their vehicle."
Drinnon does not discourage people from eating at licensed mobile food vendors. After all they do have a lot of upside when it comes to food quality.
Dickerson said, "We have the capabilities to make it fresh, here, and made to order."
Many times that is not the case with the product of illegal food vendors.
Drinnon said, "You'd be surprised, we've heard people say well their food is so good. Maybe roadkill is with enough seasoning in it. You don't know what you're eating."
If you do encounter what seems to be an illegal food vendor Drinnon urges citizens to contact the Natrona County Health Department.