Flooding Continues in Saratoga

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Saratoga- (KCWY) "It’s a lot of hours and a lot of hard work, but again the people in the community again make it worthwhile,” said Major Nicole Farnham with the Wyoming Air National Guard.

As the river continues to rise and threaten homes and businesses in Saratoga, National Guard troops, University of Wyoming volunteers, the Red Cross, and city officials try to hold it at bay.

"I truly believe that the structures are secure,” said Saratoga Mayor John Zeiger.

Flooding in Saratoga on the North Platte River is expected to continue until a crest on Sunday morning expected at 10.6 feet, above record levels."

"It means their lives, it means everything they own, and their way of living so to be able to be to be a part of something that might be the worst experience of their life," said Major Farnham.

UW football players, coaches, and staff pitched in right alongside national guardsmen to help add to the 75,000 sand bags which surround the city, a city bracing for the worst.

"They want to contribute, they want to be a part of helping Wyoming communities,” said Mark Collins, the UW Associate Vice President of Operations.

"I hope it brings them some peace of mind that they will be a little bit safer if the water rises their homes should be safe,” said Senior UW Linebacker Devyn Harris.

People certainly are thankful for all the help they can get.

"If we didn't have that type of support we don't have a big enough crew that would have been able to get the job done so it means people's houses are potentially not damaged by floodwaters,” said Zeiger.

So far the flood has spared downtown Saratoga, but it is leaving its mark nearby.

City officials have been forced to close the Veteran's Islands Park because it's now part of the river.

Only time will tell if the efforts by so many will hold back the raging floodwaters of the North Platte.

"They won't remember our names when we leave, but they are going to remember the National Guard and we are going to remember them forever,” said Maj. Farnham.

Cody O'Hara News 13 Saratoga