Five Casper Police Officers Promoted to New Ranks

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The Casper Police Department holds a ceremony today to publicly promote the new wave of leadership in the force. Many of the officers at the event said the promotions are not only great for the individuals, but are also a good sign for the department.
When a member of the police force is promoted it isn't just a new title, it's a way to create a unified administration.
Casper City Manager John Patterson said, "Chief Wetzel is putting into office those people who will assist him in moving the department forward, with a vision that he has."
The law enforcement officers who received new ranks agree with that vision and are prepared to make it a reality.
Lt. Rich Brown, of Casper PD said, "We got a lot of change going on, and so I think a lot of us are happy to play a greater role and make a successful department."
One aspect of the force Brown doesn't want to change and hopes he and his fellow promotees can build upon, is the camaraderie. Which he says is second to none.
Brown said, "It's basically a brotherhood. I mean I spent time in the Marine Corps and Army, it's the same here. It's a good strong brotherhood."
All in all, the Casper Police Force now has two new captains, two new lieutenants and an additional sergeant.
Brown said, "All of those guys have been my friends and brothers, and it's a good thing."
Patterson agrees these promotions are well-deserved and he also sees how the city will benefit from them.
Patterson said, "It's exciting and it does show that Casper is moving in the right direction."
Representing Casper's future was 7-year-old Nathan Kerns. He was honored for helping out Casper PD. One officer told the story of how the young boy wouldn't allow a car to go through an unattended police road block, but Kerns simplifies it.
Kerns said, "By helping them doing traffic."
And Nathan was surprised when Wetzel presented him a badge making him a member of the Junior Casper Police Department. He never expected to receive so much.
Kerns says he plans on wearing his new badge every day just like the newly promoted policemen he looks up to. So far there is no official word as to who will take over the responsibilities of those officers who were promoted today.