First Interstate Bank ATM Burglary

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The First Interstate Bank off of Wyoming Boulevard was the scene of an attempted burglary this morning. It was around 4am this morning when the bank's ATM machine was attacked. However, this isn't considered a robbery of a bank, but a burglary because there were no people there. Also, th suspects didn't use guns, although they did use their pickup truck to break into the bank.

Bill Huppert, First Interstate Bank's President, says, "somebody apparently had backed a truck about just before 4 in the morning into our vestibule at our east bank, trying to steal our atm machine."

The suspects were relatively quick in their attempted theft this morning and left shortly after they arrived. Officer Nickerson says he's not used to seeing this drastic an attempt. He says, "we have ATMs that get tampered with. People tamper with them a little bit, trying to get inside and give up. But it's not that often that somebody just drives through a wall and tries to take one away. So, kind of unusual for us."

The average floor ATM can weigh up to 500 pounds, which may be the reason the suspects left it behind. The bank now has temporary plywood covering the area where the truck plowed into the building, but huppert says it won't be long before customers will be able to access this atm machine again.

Huppert continues to say the bank should be open "within the week. Within days it'll be back. It looks like the ATM is okay and as soon as we get this closed back up, they'll be able to use the ATM."

The vehicle caught on surveillance during the theft was a white four door Ford pickup truck. City officials do ask the public to please report any information pertaining to the robbery as soon as possible.