First Day at the NCSD Bus Hub

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Natrona County students are preparing for new classes, teachers... and now, a new way of getting to school.

NC school officials still have a few things to iron out in the coming school days, but they're excited to be using this new busing system.

Kim Hawkes, Bus Hub Coordinator says. "these kids are used to transferring, but this year they're just going to be able to transfer less and they're going to get home earlier."

On the first day at the new bus hub, monitors say things went according to plan.... although bus drivers are still adjusting to the traffic and the new schedule.

"We were running a little late, but that's just due to traffic and a few buses getting in here a little late because of that."

However.. there were a few confused students who did end up missing their buses.

Sydney Webb, NCSD Director of Transportation says, "I know that there were some elementary students that happen to miss their bus. They were actually picked up by our high school buses so that we tried not to leave any kids at any stops."

Hawkes says, "we always have plenty of drivers who are willing to stand up and help if a student does get on a wrong bus."

Still... monitors at the bus hub say it's a matter of time before kids settle in to the new bus transfer system.

"Well we have a conceptual idea and then we have to put it into play and then we'll go back to the office here in a few minutes and we'll re-evaluate and reflect on what went well and what we can improve on.... I think every single day we will probably meet after the hub, kind of discuss how it went, if there's anything we need to change, and then just move from there."

Webb says the school district had about 17-hundred additional registrations in the last two weeks and plans to add more buses to the schedule to make sure every student has a seat on the bus.

There were about 10 monitors at the hub today, helping students find their assigned buses... And bus drivers have an attendance sheet to account for all students.