Few Fast Food Restaurants in Lander Provide a Small Town Atmosphere

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Fast food seems to be on every corner you look, but in Lander, that doesn't seem to be the case.

"Coming into a small restaurant makes them feel like a local, as opposed to going to McDonald's because you can go to McDonald's anywhere," says Jill Hunter, Gannett Grill Owner.

You may have heard of a food desert, but a fast food desert? That's what Lander may seem like to an outsider. However, when you talk to a local restaurant owner, you might get a different feel.

Hunter says many restaurant goers like the small town atmosphere.

"That they understand that the money that they spend at local businesses here in town, the majority of that money stays here in town."

Although fast food can be quick and inexpensive, local restaurants offer something many places cannot... Wyoming raised beef.

"It's grass-fed and never frozen. So coming here it's something that they can't normally get in their town," says Hunter.

In a statement from Bob Luck, owner of the Lander McDonald's, he says, "The local unemployment is low and help is not easy to find and the demands of a quick service restaurant are cost prohibitive to many places in town."

If Lander residents crave something other than McDonald's or Taco John's, Riverton is a short drive.