Family and Friends Remember Wyoming Vets with Softball Tournament

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Remembering Wyoming's fallen heroes isn't just something to do on Memorial Day. And we are reminded of that this weekend during the 7th annual Corporal Jason Corbett and Fallen Heroes Memorial Softball Tournament.

Megan Schafer's son was very involved in the Casper community.

"He used to play softball here in Casper. He grew up in Casper here, graduated from high school, loved sports, loved softball."

Of course when a loved one is killed, being able to cope with the loss is a challenge to say the least. That's why each Wyoming soldier killed in recent combat is represented by a loved one wearing a tshirt in their honor.

"There's nothing that can make it better. People would like to and this is my way of making it...better."

Schafer says the money raised for the memorial softball tournament is put towards something great to keep the memory of Jason alive.

"The proceeds are used to fund scholarship to Casper College, that's in his name. In his honor. And so his legacy continues of helping people."

This memorial event is something that has been gaining more and more support over the past seven years.

Justin Brost, a Casper Resident says, "my son is Jordan Matthew Byrd. He was killed in Afghanistan in 2010. So this is what we do now is to keep our childrens' memory alive. Stand up for what is right and just support our family, our friends."

The 27 Wyoming veterans that are being remembered may not sound like many but every last soldier counts.

Schafer says, "I really wanted people to understand the impact of 27 people because that doesn't sound like a big number, but if yours is one of those 27, it's a huge number."

Schafer also says this is the largest turnout that she's seen for the memorial event in recent years.