Fallen Veterans Honored by Friends and Family

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CASPER, WY - Members of the Wyoming Fallen Heroes tee off Thursday evening in an effort to raise awareness for those who have died for our country.

29 fallen veterans were honored this evening and local soldiers were thrilled to see so much enthusiasm for the risk they take.

"It’s more than a family thing it’s a community thing. It was really great to see how much local support that this program has and how much the American people stand behind the soldiers," said Sgt. Ian Soos.

Four soldiers from Carson Colorado came up to support Wyoming Fallen Heroes and their cause.

"A lot of these people I have met for the first time today, because of what it’s for. Being that their golfers they support this. That means the world to me and them being out here and taking time from their day to come out," said Wyoming Fallen Heroes President Russel Hicks.

Group members say being a part of a group like this one helps all those who have lost loved ones.

"You don’t have to be a family member or a veteran it’s just to honor those who have served. Those who have given their lives and to remember that we still have kids over their fighting," said Wyoming Fallen Heroes Head Volunteer Kim Perez.

Wyoming fallen heroes is working hard to keep the community together.

"We could use more public support,” said Perez. “We love the support we get from the community when they come out and help us monetarily or play golf, or whatever. We have a great support system here."

People had a great opportunity to share some laughs and reflect on the past.

"Everybody’s had a blast,” said Hicks. “We had some pretty corky holes long marshmallow drive, beer goggles, you had to put a soldier’s backpack on and tee off with that."

The group has done several events over the years from hunting buffalo to simple raffle sales.

If you would like to contact the group send them an email