Evansville One Cent Tax

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CASPER, WY - The town of Evansville will hold a meeting tomorrow to assess community thoughts on the optional One Percent sales tax.

In the last year the One Cent fund has gone toward street repair and general maintenance of the town.

The town is asking participants to rank their priorities for the funds. In the past, the money's also gone into expanding the water plant to compensate increasing population demand.

Mayor hinds says Evansville needs a garage for the fire department and public works is always looking to hire more seasonal help.

"I don’t personally want to see it go away because we need that to run the town. To help keep the standard of living in Evansville higher," said Evansville Mayor Phil Hinds.

The one cent tax has been approved every four years since 1976.

In the last year and a half Evansville has netted well over $2 million dollars from the tax.