Effort to Legalize Medicinal Cannabis

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"You have to take more drugs just to cure the side effects of what you're taking why do that? With cannabis it relieves the pain it takes care of the problem you need it to", John Wall a MS patient and a member of Wyoming NORML said.

John Wall has lived with MS for 13 years, he has never tried medicinal cannabis but says he'd rather take that than drugs.

"I'd rather have naturals than something from big pharmacies that's been concocted out of so many different forms of whatever they decide to throw together...forget it", Wall added.

Members of Wyoming NORML say it's not about getting the petition on the 2016 ballot, it's about people choosing whether medicinal cannabis should be legal.

"It's about people being able to have the right to choose of what they're putting in their own body instead of the federal government choosing for us", Amber Sparks with 420 Wyoming said.

Scott Sidman also suffers with chronic pain daily but has seen what taking medicinal cannabis has done.

"At one point in time I was functioning almost normal, I didn't hurt I was waking up in the morning, I was actually got down to where I was sleeping 6 hours a day and couldn't sleep anymore because I just had so much energy and so much life back in me", Sidman, another member of Wyoming NORML said.

Sidman says not having enough signatures this year is disappointing.

"The only thing that really bugs me is there's enough people out there that could have used that medicine this year that could have had a better way of life because of that medicine being there. I’m not stopping till it's done", Sidman added.

Even though Wyoming NORML didn't get enough signatures this year, members say if they have enough signatures for the 2018 ballot, medicinal marijuana could help Wyoming in the long run.

"I think it's very important in our economy I think it's going to create a lot of jobs and a lot better way of life", Sparks added.

If you are interested in getting the petition on the 2016 ballot, there is still time. The last day to sign the petition is this Monday. If members of
Wyoming NORML don't get the necessary 25,600 signatures, they will have until February 2017 to get it on the 2018 ballot.