Easter Egg Hunts Expected to Draw Hundreds

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CASPER, WY - Easter weekend has begun and you may be wondering where the Easter Bunny will be hiding his eggs this year.

Local Casper officials say there are plenty of locations to hunt this weekend.

"We'll we're going to be busy. There’s a lot going on here in Casper in the area over Easter weekend. You can start hunting for Easter eggs at 8:00 in the morning tomorrow. Wrap it all up with some brunch on Sunday and a lot of stuff in between," said Aaron McCreight of the Casper Visitors Bureau.

It's a busy weekend ahead as many celebrate the biggest Christian holiday of the year.

"There's four Easter egg hunts. There’s two 5K’s. There’s an Easter egg hunt at almost every park in the city. Nancy English, Washington Park, Kings Corner. There’s Easter egg hunts everywhere you look," said McCreight.

But the hunt for more than 4,000 eggs isn’t expected to last very long.

"The kids had a great time. They line up there’s been hundreds. I'm sure that we have maybe 500 kids and in a minute and a half or two minutes they've got all the eggs," said Larry Muzzy of the Elks Lodge in Casper.

People say kids line up by the hundreds for the chocolate and sweets.

"They'll be three to four hundred easy,” said Muzzy. “Every year it's grown. I've seen it even when it was really really bad weather. It was amazing how many kids were there. But it doesn't last very long so they don’t get cold."

After a long and beautiful Saturday, the festivities are expected to continue into Sunday.

"Easter Sunday there’s mostly Easter egg hunts. It’s mostly a family day obviously, spent with your wife, daughters, sons,” said McCreight. “A lot of brunches going on, A lot of hotels hosting brunches."

If you are looking for an adult activity, Casper College is hosting a flute concert and several bands are performing around Casper Saturday night.

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