Poverty Resistance Easter Egg Hunt

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Poverty resistance held it's 4th annual Easter egg hunt this afternoon at Kings Corner in Casper where the Easter bunny made a special guest appearance.

Kids from all over town enjoyed the festivities and a lot of work went into preparing for the event

Mary Ann Budenske, Director of the Poverty Resistance organization says, "we started setting up here at about 8:30a to get everything ready, but we start planning these things a couple weeks in advance. You know, we have to order the candy,we have to find sponsors. That kind of stuff."

Kids also had their faces painted. From being Spiderman, to even a mouse.

Budenske says, "we have a line as you can see right now. We're closing down and we still got a couple kids waiting to get face painted. That's a big big deal for little kids, they love it."

About a dozen large boxes of candy were emptied onto the ground and the kids enjoyed grabbing as much of it as possible.

Devyn Manciu, a volunteer for the event says, "I like how it brings your family together and...... candy."

And although the kids had a blast, it's also a good time for the volunteers.

"We like to do this, this is fun for us. We get down to last night and we were wondering why we did it because we were all so tired, but now, it paid off and the kids had a good time. So, it's fun," says Budenske.

Poverty Resistance has worked for years in the community to help low income people become more economically independent.
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