Domestic Violence Chase Involves Several Hit and Runs

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Police say a driver trying to run down a person after a domestic dispute is responsible for hitting several vehicles were Monday evening around 5:30 near Kelly Walsh High School.

"There was a big wreck outside so I went, I came out to check and see and all of a sudden I see this vehicle smash into this car that's right here." said witness, Willy Dominguez.

Police responded to several different car accidents along 12th street and Payne, all with one common factor, the driver.

“This appears to have been an intentional ramming from one vehicle to another and the parties involved we do show that this has stemmed off of a domestic violence situation.” said Capt. Steve Freel of the Casper Police Department.

Witnesses say the SUV’s driver, whom police have identified as Clint Webb, crashed into several cars, turned around in residents' yards side swiping other vehicles, then came back down the street.

"They got his license plate the first time and then verified it the second time." said Dominguez

Witnesses say he was trying to chase down his victim.

"There was a women in a white suburban, she was holding a dog and she said i'm sorry I have to leave he is coming back and she took off." said Dominguez

The SUV eventually did come to a stop a couple of blocks away from all the action.

“The vehicle is about a block and a half away from here and the suspect fled on foot. That's the reason my officers are out looking for him right now." said Freel.