Dermatologists Say to Use Higher SPF

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Doctors say when it comes to tanning, there's nothing safe about it.
“When you go out in the sun, you get tan, that's the body's way of protecting the skin against sun damage.” said Scott Bennion, Dermatologist.

Some call it a healthy glow, but doctors say there's nothing healthy about your skin turning color to protect itself.

“And your body repairs that damage that's usually DNA damage to the cells in your skin. it repairs that damage but over your lifetime you get a little tired, the enzymes get a little tired and that causes mutations into pre-cancerous lesions.” said Bennion.

Lesions that can then develop into deadly and fast spreading Melanomas. Doctors say most skin cancer is sun-related.

If you are outdoors between the hours of 10AM and 3PM. In the spring and summer, Doctors says sunscreen is crucial when it comes to protecting your skin.

“What we found is when people put sunscreen on, they don't put enough sunscreen on. so a 30 SPF, if you don't put enough on isn't a 30 SPF.” Said Bennion.

Now doctors are saying to use the highest SPF you can find to make up for the lack of suncreen applied.

“So if you're using a 50 or a 70, the amount you put on probably is really more like a 30.” said Bennion.