Cyclist's Widow Still Waiting for Answers

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Casper, WY -- It's been a month since the driver of an SUV collided with a cyclist on his way to work. Matthew Harker later died of his injuries at a Denver hospital.
But after all this time, there still haven't been any charges.

Stacy Harker and her three sons are doing the best they can to adjust to their new normal. "It struck me a couple days after we got home [from the funeral], I had to kind of erase everything off of our calendar, the swim lessons... The biggest difference is we're just kind of winging it now," Harker said.

And waiting for closure adds to the stress of trying to move forward. "There's nothing stopping him from getting behind a wheel right now and hurting somebody else," Harker said about the man who hit her husband on First and Beech Street May 30th.

That's probably why so many people are asking why the driver's name hasn't been released yet, and why there are still no charges filed. Not long after the crash, police were reconstructing the scene. Lieutenant Mike Thompson tells News 13 Casper Police have handed all their information over to the district attorney's office.

So why the wait?

What complicates things, District Attorney Michael Blonigen says, is what happened at that intersection is not that simple: there are a lot of facts to take into consideration. Lt Thompson says a service truck was blocking the view, the lights were changing, and then there's the fact that alcohol was involved.

Blonigen tells News 13 it's inappropriate to comment on details of the investigation before official charges. He adds it's not that unusual for charges to take this kind of time, and he has to be able to bring forward a case "beyond a reasonable doubt." "You have to make sure the investigation is absolutely as complete as can be," Blonigen explained.

But the wait isn't easy. "They just try to convey that they're doing everything possible but at the same time it's so frustrating that this person is living their life as normally as probably the day before it happened, and I don't get that luxury at this point," Harker said.

From speaking with police, it's pretty clear it's not a question of if charges will be filed, but when and to what degree. However the Blonigen says he does not have any kind of timeline.

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