Cyclist Safety a Concern in Casper

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Casper -(KCWY) In Wyoming bicycles are considered low speed vehicles, so it is important for riders to treat them as such. If not, the consequences can be deadly.
Owner of Ragged Edge Sports in Casper Roy Buck said, "The last thing we want is for someone to have to actually die before something is done."
Buck is an avid rider and he urges his customers and all cyclists to protect themselves.
Hinano William, a daily cyclist, said, "I wouldn't go out on my bike without a helmet."
A habit Buck said parents need to stress to their children from an early age.
Buck said, "When they jump on that bike, it’s just like clicking a seat belt in a car. You put your helmet on and you ride with a helmet all the time."
A helmet may not look like much but it provides the most protection. It protects the head and brain, which makes it one of the ultimate defenses to a fatality. There are also other measures you can take to prevent collision while on a bicycle.
Wyoming Department of Transportation Jeff Goetz said, "Wear bright colored clothing you know if it has the reflective striping on it or anything like that."
Williams said, "You need to be seen from far away really."
Goetz attributes part of the problem to the mindset of motorists.
Goetz said, "People don't think that a car is a weapon, but it’s a three ton weapon."
If motorists are going to operate something that could be considered a weapon, they should do so with caution.
Goetz said, "There are a lot more than just cars using our roadways and we need to look out for everybody."
That is a lesson that can be observed by cyclists and motorists alike.
Goetz also said while there aren’t bike lanes on all streets in Casper, it is important for cyclists to stay as far to the right side of the lane as possible.
If you are driving and want to attempt to pass a cyclist make sure you have plenty of room on your left side and give the rider at least a three foot cushion.