Crawfish Boil Brings Louisiana Tradition to Gillette for its 31st Year

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“We always pile a big pile so now its tradition to pile a big pile and see what we can do.” said Chris Leisy of Billings, MT.

A tradition that this Northern Wyoming town can't get enough of.

“This year we're cooking 14,000 pounds of crawfish. Its our 31st year. We’ve got about 850 pounds of potatoes, about 850 pounds of onions, 900 pounds of bratwurst and about 3000 ears of sweetcorn.” said coordinator Dave Dorson.

But why a Cajun style crawfish boil in a town over a thousand miles away from any coast? Well, the answer is simple.

“Thirty-one years ago we had a Cajun buddy in the oil field came up and he said ‘Hey, I'll order some crawfish and we'll cook them up.’ So they ordered about 300 pounds, cooked them up, had a few beers and it was fun so they did it again next and it kind of got bigger and bigger and this is where we're at now.” said Dorson.

Nearly 4500 people attend the event which raises money for local families with medical needs. Chris Leisy drove from Billings, MT and is meeting his father who was driving from Riverton. He's come every year since it began.

“Its fun. It’s a lot of food and the family gets together. this is the one time of year that we all get together for sure.” said Leisy

And from the volunteers doing the cooking to the people lined up out the door, everyone is excited for the Cajun celebration.

“Its one of the bigger social events in Gillette you'll hear people say, yeah I go to the crawfish boil and I see people I haven't seen since last year at the crawfish boil.” said Dorson.