Courage vs Wyoming Visits Fremont County

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A lawsuit has re-launched the gay marriage debate in Wyoming.

One of the couples who filed the law suit visited the Fremont County Democrat Party’s meeting to discuss their fight to have their marriage recognized.

"A lot of the challenges have to do with basic rights in terms of property," said Rob Johnston, who filed a law suit with Carl Oleson.

Carl Oleson and Rob Johnston were married in Ontario in 2010, and they've been together 16 years. Johnston says if they were a married couple, the transfer of ownership should anything happen to them would be easier.

Oleson and Johnston and three other couples, along with a gay rights group, are suing for the state to recognize gay marriages performed outside the state, and to have them performed in Wyoming. However, the state has asked the federal judge to dismiss the case and leave the statute standing.

"It will be decided whether that federal judge will allow it to continue or if it will actually make it to court or be dismissed," said Oleson.

Johnston says other issues are visitation rights in hospitals and other rights heterosexual couples have over gay couples. Olsen says they do not expect to be seen as married in the eyes of the church, but they want the same legal rights as other married couples.