County Officials Review New Wyoming Pipeline

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CASPER, WY - The Bureau of Land Management needs your comments for the Riley Ridge Pipeline construction project in southwestern Wyoming.

The pipeline will run through Fremont, Sublette, Natrona and Sweetwater County starting near Big Piney and ending near Riley Ridge Wyoming.

"There trying to get the product from what is the riley ridge near south of pinedale to natrona where they can pump the product up to the northeast into montana where it will be used for advanced oil recovery," said Bureau of Land Management National Project Manager Jim Stobaugh.

BLM officials are working with Denbury Resources to come up with a solution to the construction of the pipeline.

"Everything else right now would be kind of a route option,” said Stobaugh. “There’s been other segments of the pipeline routing that could be considered. It’s right now just simply an option."

Natrona County is looking at its own socio-economic impacts.

"As a cooperating agency in the EIS process we will be at the table. We will have input as to what the alternatives are," said Natrona County Commissioner Forrest Chadwick.

There are some concerns around the southwest that the pipeline may have a economic and natural impact.

"There’s areas that are being considered,” said Stobaugh. “Designation of migratory routes for mule deer, sage grouse, which I'm sure many people in the public had heard quite a bit about. You do have sensitive species, both animal and plant."

If you missed the comment session today you can still contact your local representative.

"The comment period ends august first. That doesn't mean that the people of Natrona County, the residents of Natrona County can’t come to their county commissioner and make comments to us," said Chadwick.

Natrona county officials say they expect some rural road access to be restricted during the pipelines construction but right now there is no specific time table.

The pipeline will consist of two segments stretching over two hundred miles long carrying CO2 and Hydrogen Sulfide around the state.