Councilmember Asks for City Manager's Resignation

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Outgoing Councilmember Keith Goodenough says his call for Patterson’s resignation has nothing to do with the Hedquist investigation itself, but rather what came out in the recorded conversations between Patterson and former Police Chief Chris Walsh.

Ward I Councilmember Keith Goodenough says, "It shows a side of our manager that most people don't see because he didn't realize he was being recorded and neither did the police chief as far as I know. So that just brought to light a whole host of issues and I believe it would be better if the city manager were find work elsewhere."

Goodenough says he called for an executive session to discuss the topic a few weeks ago, but it was denied. Casper Mayor Paul Meyer says, "We as a body, seven of us support Mr. Patterson as our city manager. So I can't make any decision on a whim of one or two council members."

Many councilmembers agree with the mayor. Councilwoman Kenyne Schlager says, "The majority of council is 100 percent behind John Patterson. He does a fabulous job. He has a passion for our community that makes me feel even more passionate about our community." Vice Mayor of City Council Charlie Powell agrees. "The majority has firmly supported the city manager and that's why he's in his position."

In decades of city work in several states, Patterson says this is the first time he’s seen something like this. City Manager John Patterson says, "I have a city council member ask for my resignation: never had that happen in the decades of serving and to follow a council member suing me, never had it happen."

However, he says he doesn’t plan on going anywhere. "Casper's a great community. A generous community, I've never met a more generous community. Cindy and I are proud to be Casper residents and we're going to stay here as long as they'll have us," Patterson said.