Construction Concerns Residents Around NCHS

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But with the ongoing construction at Natrona County High School planned to continue throughout the school year. The construction has resulted in the closure of two adjacent streets and people who live here say adding teenagers to the mix will only make it worse.
Back to school season is right around the corner, but at Natrona County High School it won't just be the freshmen having a hard time getting around campus.
NCHS Administrator Pete Owen said, "I think you'll definitely see a strong staff presence out, perhaps even police presence out the first few days of school, just to direct traffic."
The ongoing construction will restrict use of local roads and probably create some traffic.
Owen said, "The entire East side of the campus will be shut down this coming year, so we're going to direct traffic all to the west side of the school."
For people like Carrie Leyva who lives directly across the street from the east side of campus this will only add to the burden the contsruction has already caused.
Leyva said, "It is kind of disprutive. They've had a couple of incidences down here where they've downed a power line and downed a TV line."
And traffic may be mapped out, but there's one more problem yet to be solved.
Owen said, "We're gonna be meeting with the city, the fire inspector, law enforcement, and the district this coming week to decide if there's going to be any restrictions on parking."
Considering a good portion of the parking lot is occupied by construction vehicles odds are parking for students will be restricted. Which means they'll need to park on the street and that has leyva worried.
Leyva said, "Teenagers aren't always the safest drivers."
She says this is a family neighborhood and the consequences can be extraordinary.
Leyva said, "I think with the texting and driving maybe running a stop sign or having an accident with a younger kid, cause we got the grade school over here too."
But amidst all of the concerns, one thing is for certain for both sides there is no near end in sight.
Leyva said, "They're talking about going further. They're not stopping with the construction they've got going on there. They're talking about wanting to buy up more."
Owens said, "Each year we're going to have to modify our schedules and modify how students and staff access the building."
Owen suggests students driving in get to school early. Giving them better odds at getting a spot. Owen also says the school day has been moved back half an hour to help students get to school earlier while avoiding rush hour