Cold Air Stings Casper Support Programs

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CASPER, WY - An arctic air mass is sweeping the state leaving highs in the single digits.

Casper businesses are prepared when it comes to these Wyoming cold spells.

Organizations like meals on wheels have to continue running no matter what nature springs on them.

Larry Pawlowski is a Meals on Wheels delivery driver and says travel isn’t easy.

"I have a two wheel drive pickup. Today I'm taking a chance going out to Mills. Once in a while they get a little lazy plowing some of the snow,” said Pawlowski. “So far I've been fortunate and I never got stuck or anything."

Workers are buckling down with colder weather across the state.

"A lot of times seniors this time of year don’t get out much. It’s very cold. They can’t walk to stores. They can’t sit out and wait for taxis or buses to come and get them,” said Meals on Wheels Executive Director Jamie Loveall.

No matter the conditions outside, Meals on Wheels makes sure everyone has a hot meal during inclement weather.

"We rely heavily on our substitute drivers. That they are ok with driving in some of the roads when they’re not always the best conditions to be traveling in," said Loveall

Even in the hard to reach areas, volunteers find a way to make it to homes.

"We also have some volunteers that will plow for us, that will shovel walks, that will break through drifts, to make sure that people get their meals that they need so badly," said Lovall.

Workers at Central Wyoming Rescue Mission accommodate extra people during these harsh winter times.

"One thing we see is just a critical sense of urgency this time of year. That nobody is out. Everybody has an opportunity to be able to be sheltered. These are just simply dangerous conditions when the highs are not even making it to zero." Brad Hopkins of the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission.

Personnel at the mission said staying outside poses its risks.

"We could have folks literally dying out there. It's dangerous to even consider sleeping in your vehicle if you have one or under a bridge that type of thing. Our goal is to get everybody in that has no place to stay," said Hopkins

Rescue mission employees tend to be busy all year round both at the men’s and women’s shelter.

Personnel will lay mats down if needed just to give folks a warm place for the night.

Residents tend to stay at the rescue center for the duration of the cold weather.

If you or someone you know needs assistance the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission is located at 132 North Kimball Street.