Coal Mine Receives Safety Award

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A coal mine in Gillette is recognized for its outstanding safety record of no lost-time accidents for the past four years.
Safety is a number one priority at the Wyodak Mine, which is the oldest operating surface coal mine in the U.S.

But safety isn't the only focus when mining coal. Reclamation, or restoring the land when the mining is complete in an area, is also a big part of it.

The Powder River Basin includes 13 coal mines, 90-percent of the coal produced at the Wyodak mine is sent on a conveyor belt to a nearby power plant that produces electricity for seven surrounding states.

Wyodak wants to keep its coal mine one of the safest in the nation with the new "beyond zero" initiative.

“The key things is not only identifying hazards but mitigating those hazards so that somebody doesn't hurt or equipment doesn't get damaged, and we've now taken that and are moving to really putting an emphasis aces on near miss reporting.” said a Wyodak spokesperson.