Click It or Ticket this Memorial Day

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Natrona county officers, deputies, and highway patrol are cracking down on people not wearing their seat belts.
“From May 19th to June 2nd our patrol teams will be adding 180 hours of additional patrol, dedicated to May Mobilization.” said Gus Holbrook, Natrona County Sheriff.

Police are using this month particularly around Memorial Day weekend, to enforce traffic laws and increase safety, while heading into summer where traffic increases drastically.

“We want to take advantage of all those cars on the road to really drive this campaign home, where buckling your seatbelt is important, it saves lives and we want to enforce that message.” said Joe Nickerson, Casper Police PIO.

In 2013, nearly 70 percent of motor vehicle fatalities in Natrona County were not belted in.

“We’re gonna write a lot of seat belt tickets and we shouldn't have to, it doesn't take anytime and its free.” said Sgt. Pete Abrams of the Casper Police Dept.

Seat belt tickets are only $25 for the front seat and $10 for the back seat, but the little time it takes to do it can save your life.

“We can't stress the importance of seat belt usage whether you're in town or our on the highway.” said Jim Wetzel, Casper Police Chief.