City Refutes Councilman Hedquist's Petition To Dismiss Contested Case

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Casper, WY -- City of Casper attorneys say Councilman Craig Hedquist's claim that Council doesn't have the authority to remove him from office is false.

In a letter sent to Hedquist's attorneys Monday, attorneys Wes Reeves and Anna Reeves Olson, who represent the city, say state and local statutes, as well as common law, give city council the power to remove one of its own. Reeves and Olson also dismiss Hedquist's claim that he would first need to be convicted in a criminal court, because the charges against him don't fall under criminal statute.

The attorneys also point out Hedquist still hasn't responded to the charge that he has used position as city council member to benefit his construction company, Hedquist Construction, Inc.

Past letters from attorneys and statements by Councilman Hedquist himself have accused City Manager John Patterson specifically of overstepping his bounds, but Patterson says he is simply following orders. "I do have eight council members who are unified in pursuit of this conflict of interest. They instruct me on actions to take, they are the bosses in this community, not me," Patterson added.

Patterson says the contested case hearing is scheduled for May 12th.