Cindy Hill Plans on Moving Back into Her Office

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-Casper- (KCWY) Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill plans on moving back into the Department of education Monday to take back the office and duties she had before the governor and legislator stripped her of them last year.

"It's a dangerous game to play to plot delays now that the Supreme Court has directed that there be no further delays," said Representative Gerald Gay.

Superintendent Cindy Hill says the governor and his lawyers are trying to run out the clock on her term, but she says she is heading back to work.

"These delays and these delay tactics fly in the face of the Supreme Court’s rulings,” said Cindy Hill.

"She brought the lawsuit and we are waiting for an order I don't know how much plotting that is we are waiting on the courts order," said Governor Matt Mead.

In January the Supreme Court ruled the legislature had gone too far in stripping duties from the superintendent and a request for a rehearing from the governor late last month was denied. The case is now being looked at in a district court.

"We are eager for the final order from the court, but I think we should wait for that order before we cause additional strife,” said Mead.

Some legislators disagree saying governor mead and his lawyers are simply playing a game.

"The Supreme Court holds way more weight than the district court, the Supreme Court ruling is crystal clear that there is to be no delay getting her back into her office," said Gay.

Superintendent hill is not wasting any time.

"I must resume my duties required by the constitution, I call on the governor to fulfill his oath of office and end these delays today," said Hill.

Governor Mead says if hill returns to the Department of Education on Monday it will not only cause confusion amongst her staff, but also among the appointed director of education's employees.

"I think it's a case of creating unnecessary chaos," said Mead.

Richard Crandall the director of the Wyoming Department of Education says if the superintendent returns to work Monday six employees say they will resign.