Children's Theatre Needs Funds to Not Close

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The Casper Children's Theater has been teaching kids about acting and creativity for over 20 years, but with a lack of funding, the non-profit organization is on the brink of shutting down.

The theatre offers a class, for kids of all ages, learning anything from playwriting to improv, to costume design.

“I've seen kids blossom, bloom. You heard us talk about the shell, and we still have kids who are still very shy, but will get up on stage and find their place, find their moment.” said Jordan Nelson, theatre director

But nelson says keeping the place going has been tough...

"So this place went from six employees to what I would like to call one and a half." said Nelson.

“We do great productions with amazing children, it’s just that the operation costs right now are kind a of over shadowing what we wanna do.” said Nelson.

Nelson has started a go-fund-me page to try and raise $5000 to help pay for building expenses. So she can keep the theatre open throughout the summer.

“We've been keeping it going on a very very simple budget, reduce, reuse, recycle kind of theater.” said Nelson.

Nelson says that's fine...but its paying the rent that is the obstacle. “It’s not for crazy costumes, it’s not for a crazy set. It really is to keep this building open.”