Child Fraud Cases Escalating do to Social Media

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Cases of fraud involving children appear to be popping up all over, most recently after a little girl's family accused a KFC restaurant employee of asking her to leave the store in Mississippi because of injuries to her face.

Now it appears that story was a hoax in an effort to get money...

“I saw Victoria's story on the news and in social media, and I was very affected by it” said, Dr. Frank Stile, Plastic Surgeon.

So affected that the plastic surgeon flew across the country...offering to fix the little girl's face for free...

“Internet and smart phones and our facebook and twitter right at our fingertips, these things snowball and escalate,” said Officer Joe Nickerson, Capser Police PIO.

It turns out KFC officials found no evidence the girl was ever at the restaurant.

“So a story that may not have gotten any validity years and years ago, today can snowball and turn into an international event because of social media.” said Nickerson.

What may be a similar story played out right here... Krischelle Layton faces fraud charges after receiving about seven-thousand dollars from various fundraisers for her supposedly near-death son.

Except according to prosecutors, the 6-year-old's doctor said he was improving... Layton's attorney said doctors misdiagnosed the child's condition as cancer... Testimony revealed he showed no signs of cancer earlier this month.

But Make-A-Wish says they had the proof they needed.

"At this point in time, uh based on the information that we have, and based on our criteria, that Dorian is eligible for a wish and he continues to remain on our system.” said Josh DeBerg, Communications Manager for Make-A-Wish.

New information could come forward... but in the social media age, we don't always take the time to verify before we click "donate."

“We always want to hope and believe the best, but sometimes it becomes a criminal action and that's when we need to step in.” said Nickerson.