Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo Set to get Underway

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Semis have been rolling in since Tuesday and the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo is beginning to take shape. Crabtree Amusement Inc. President Patrick Crabtree says, "We'll be pretty much done probably this evening."

Since 1947, the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo has called Casper, Wyoming home; and over 66 years the fair itself hasn’t changed, but rather the business as a whole. Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo General Manager Tom Jones says, "We've changed carnivals several times and we got one that we think is best in the nation and they've been really good to us and we've been really good to them and they do a lot for the crowds here."

Last year, more than a hundred thousand people walked through the gates of the fairgrounds, but this year spectators can expect to see a little bit of a different show. "A voice competition on the three stages on the midway and then we've got match races between some of the ranchers who get to see who's got the best horse, you know everyone's always bragging well mine's faster than yours well they're going to get a chance to prove it in front of the crowds," Jones said.
After all that there’s still a rodeo to look forward too. "We generally draw the top 15 in each event," Jones said.

Although, it’s called the fair and rodeo, so there are plenty of attractions for everyone. "Oh the freak out, freak out, I think all the kids will tell you the same thing, It’s a great ride" Crabtree said.

However, once the 2014 Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo warps up, the board will already be planning for next year. "As a matter fact the last night I’ll start writing contracts on the people we want to come back and we'll start planning all of our stuff for next year at the end of this one," Jones said.