Casper Sees Changes to Demerit System

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Over the last year, the Natrona County Liquor Dealers Association has worked hand-in-hand with both the Casper Police Department and the Natrona County Prevention Management Organization to develop a new and improved demerit point system.
Megan Zaharas with the Natrona County Prevention Management Organization says, "Throughout this whole process if anything it has helped bring law enforcement and local retailers together to really start talking about these issues and figuring out ways that they can work to address them."
The new demerit system is intended to create a level playing field. Each establishment will start with zero points; bars can lose points for serving to minors, failing to check the ID of a minor, and having a minor illegally on the premises. The bar will lose 25 pints for a first time violation, 50 for a second, and 75 for a third.
Natrona County Liquor Dealers Association Board Member Mike Reid says, "There were some changes of making sure that you had a sign on the outside of your building so when somebody left your bar they didn't take an open container.”

There’s an added benefit to sending your waiters or waitresses to TIPS training too. "If all of your people are tips trained, everybody that works for you is TIPS trained then you get a freebee," Reid said.

The system currently only applies to establishments with a liquor license inside Casper’s city limits, but there’s a push for towns and cities outside of Casper to adopt the policy as well. "I know that they made a presentation to Mills, they've made a presentation to Edgerton, we have asked the County if they'll do and I know that we'll be talking to Evansville before too long," Reid said.

However, the system isn't entirely complete and the groups involved want to add more. "The disorderly activities part of the demerit point system was put on the table for now to be held for at least a year," Zaharas said.