Casper Residents Head To Polls For Primary Election Day

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Today is primary election day in Wyoming. This will narrow down each party's candidate list for the November Fourth general elections.

News 13 visited quite a few voting locations around Casper today and spoke with some residents who were making their voices heard. Polls were busy earlier today but started to die down early in the afternoon.

"I vote or try to vote every year. It is a right we have and sometimes even if there's not candidates in your particular party it is still important to vote. It is a right we never want taken away from us," says Susan Rone, a local voter.

"I think it is really important that as United States citizens we all vote. We seem to do a lot of complaining about our government and so if we don't come out and vote than I don't think we have that much right to complain," says Debbie Bishop, another local voter.

But not everyone may be voting.

"So far it has not been as good as past primaries," says Sheila Goldsmith, the election coordinator for Casper's Community Health Center.

This popular voting location is seeing lower voter turnout this year in comparison to past primary election years.

"It hasn't been running the way we expected it too. I would say there are just over twenty-one hundred registered in this precinct and I would say we would be lucky to get twelve hundred," she continues. She says a lot of things could be to blame.

"I think some people were discouraged when they realized it's not easy to get here, as you know. And I think that's part of the problem. Then there's some people that have had some discrepancies in the voters books and so they are listed as the wrong party so they are having to re-register just to change to the correct party," says
Goldsmith, continuing that voting is important despite any setbacks.

"Your voice is your chance when you mark your ballot."

Around 2 P.M. today, just around 200 people had cast their votes at the Community Health Center.

All polls are open until 7 P.M. tonight.