Casper Property Taxes Have Risen For Many

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Casper- ( KCWY) "If market values go up its good indication that property taxes will also go up," said Natrona County Assessor Connie Smith.

Property taxes have been on the rise for over a decade and it doesn't seem like they will stop increasing anytime soon.

"Our evaluations are based on sales and also cost tables that the state provides us; we are mandated by the legislature to be on a mass appraisal market value system,” said Smith.

This system has Natrona county assessments continuing to increase each year. The taxes which help fund the school system, water and sewer bonds, and fire protection among others have some Natrona county residents wondering how senior citizens and families will continue to afford it.

"You know they are on fixed budgets the way it is I don't know how they are going to afford their taxes and it is unfortunate I don't know what the solution would be,” said Deb Vincent a Natrona County Resident.

Smith says some people are coming into her office complaining about this year’s assessments which tend to be higher than last year right before a school bond is decided next week.

"They do get frustrated most of the time we are able to explain the process, most of the time they don't understand the process sometimes,” said Smith.

She says the conflicts are usually resolved, but some continue feeling unsure of increased living costs here across the board. Natrona County’s superintendent says the school bond up for a vote next week has been in the works for ten years and even though they are asking for an increase, it is crucial.

"Wyoming has guidelines from the legislature on what the money can be spent on and the items that are considered in the bond issue are items that the state funding cannot be spent on,” said Natrona County Schools Superintendent Steve Hopkins.

With the future looking like higher taxes each year some people say they will be doing their research in the days ahead.

"I mean I like Casper and we will continue to pay the taxes, I don't think we have a choice, but I don't think it's a good thing,” said Vincent.