Casper Prepares for St. Patty's Weekend

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St Patty's Day is right around the corner and officials are taking extra precautions this weekend to make sure people stay safe. As we all know, SPD is a big day of celebration. But there are some safety measures that officials want the public to know about before leaving their house this weekend.

Jim Kanelos, local bar owner of Karen & Jim's, says "it's a busy weekend and a lot of heavy drinking. Even more so than new year's eve."

St patty's day falls on a monday this year, so bar owners and managers are ready for an extended holiday weekend. One way for bar owners to prevent fights or other problems is to avoid overpouring drinks when serving their customers.

Not to mention, safety is a concern when it comes to largely crowded bars... And city officials are taking extra precautions this weekend when visiting establishments

Justin Smith, local Casper Firefighter, says "we're going to do exactly like we did last year where we're going to go out and do occupancy checks over the weekend during the holiday. And one of the things we learned from last year was the communication that we started with the bar owners and managers paid dividends. And so we expect the same success out of it this year."

Smith continues, "overcrowding is one of our primary concerns and that's why it's important that the bar owners and managers observe what their occupant load is."

The safety measures officials take for st pattys day have allowed them to prepare for other holidays a little better too. "There's no doubt that the lessons learned and the communication that we were able to establish has helped with other holidays as well."

While some bars are offering a taxi service this weekend, officials want to remind people to be safe... And if you're going to drink, don't drive. Casper police and safe communities delivered free coasters to bars that say "kiss me i'm sober, designate a sober driver" to help prevent drunk driving.

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