Casper Police Department Working Towards Full Staff

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The Casper Police Department is authorized to 95 sworn officers, but there are less than that as of today. News 13's Jeff Platt takes a look into CPD's recruiting efforts.
Being an officer of the law is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet; Not the best campaign slogan. Which makes attracting new recruits difficult.
Lt. Mike Thompson, Casper Police Department said, "We're always at a battle to keep our numbers up and stuff. and we're hoping here we've got some other testing scheduled in the future so in the near future and some not to far away after that."
Entry tests for the Casper Police Department are regular and rigorous. They assess physical, mental, and emanational strength. And it's even more stressful than the SAT.
Officer In Training Brett Caldwell said, "Nobody really wants to get hooked-up to a polygraph machine."
Caldwell says the process to get accepted into the force took three months. Plus he has three months of training at the police academy still to go.
When he graduates, he will be a much-needed officer in the department.
Thompson said, "We could certainly use additional officers. Right now our call load keeps our officers pretty busy."
This prevents officers from doing proactive crime prevention, like working with the community. Getting involved in the community is why many become cops in the first place.
Caldwell said, "Getting out on the street was always my ultimate goal."
to Caldwell, police being part of the community rather than just a surveillance system for it, is in everyone's best interest.
Caldwell said, "All around it just is good for the community to see as many officers as you can have out there."
With two more recruits headed to the academy with Caldwell on monday CPD will be three officers closer to as many as they can have.
The next entry test for the casper police department is September 17th and 18th and Caldwell should complete the academy November 21st.