Casper Police Department Has a New Dispatch Center

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And in the event of one of those emergency situations such as a tornado Casper officials now have an updated dispatch facility.

Casper Police moved their communications center out of the police department and into a building with more space about two months ago .

Those I spoke with today seemed to find it a step above the previous one located inside Casper Police Department.

Officials say the new communication center certainly has it's advantages.

Lt. Steve schulz, Casper Police Dept says, "if there's a situation that occurs in the department where it shuts down the entire operation here, it's not going to shut down the operation at dispatch itself because it's completely off site."

But being located apart from casper officials also has it's disadvantages.

"The disadvantage would be the aspect of not readily available. You can't just get up out of your desk and roll over there and ask them to do , you know, x, y and z or some paper work here or there. You have to either call them or drive across town to get ahold of them."

However, the old dispatch center isn't completely shut down.

Ofc. Joe nickerson, Casper Police Dept says, "in the event of a major incident or disastor, in combination with the Sheriff's Department Emergency Operation Center, we can also open this one as a backup or as a second or use both in a major incident if we need to. So, that's really exciting."

Officials say the new communication center allows more space for dispatchers.

"You want to be happy where you work. So, they have a better environment where they can be more relaxed so they can focus and not be stressed by being cramped."

And along with the larger building comes the need for more dispatchers. Lieutenant Schulz says they're looking to hire.

"We still have positions open for uniform positions as we do have positions continuously rotating in and out for dispatch."

Ofc. Nickerson says, "pretty much always hiring in that position. So if you're interested at all, please fill out an application with the city and we'll contact you at our next testing process."

Officials say they had entry-level dispatchers testing earlier this week and more information on the next batch can be found on the casper police department website at