Casper Man One Day Away from Verdict of Attempted First-Degree Murder

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The second day of Zacharia Johnson's three-day trial for the attempted first-degree murder of Robert Masterson began this morning.

Proceedings continued where they left off yesterday, with more witness testimony.

Johnson's family members were in the courtroom watching in silence as witness after witness testified.

The first couple witnesses this morning were Masterson's ER surgeon and physician from the crime that night, both confirming stab wounds and stating that there was so much blood, it made it difficult to see all of Masterson's injuries."

The third witness, 45-year old Raymond Lewis, was Johnson's cell mate for about 4 months last year.

He says Johnson believed Masterson molested his neighbor's daughter and said he intended to kill Masterson.

Pamela Nemetz, who is Masterson's neighbor, also testified today stating that Simmons and Johnson arrived at her apartment that night looking for meth. Although she declined smoking meth that night, she admitted to smoking marijuana.

Lewis coincidentally knew Nemetz from previous drug deals.

At the end of the day, the defense attorneys called their only two witnesses to the stand, Johnson and Simmons, who both ended up refusing to testify.

The trial is scheduled to end tomorrow with closing arguments.
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