Casper Home and Garden Show A Success Despite the Snow

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Casper- (KCWY) "It’s been a great weekend, we have been really busy, lots of friendly fun people,” said Terry Burton, a team builder with South Hill Designs.

Vendors say the above average attendance for this year's home and garden show has attracted not only those who are looking for help with spring and summer projects, but also helps local businesses.

"The advertising I do is at the booth, with personal business cards and personal references and that is why it’s important to me and a lot of other people are that way as well,” said Bob Barratt, the owner of Bob Barratt Contracting.

With winter coming to an end Barrett says he gets more business as people begin to get outside and start working on outdoor projects.

"It has been such a long winter once the good weather comes I'm sure we will be extremely busy,” said Barratt.

"Well there is just all kinds of things, there’s to yard work, for fixing your house up inside or outside, I have jewelry,” said Burton.

After visiting the home and garden show for a few years Burton says she decided to become a vendor this year, and says with yesterday's snow it definitely paid off.

"I think it helped because people couldn't do anything else, there was nothing else to do so they came in here,” said Burton.

Knowing people would be coming into Casper supporters of Natrona County Schools took advantage of the event to educate the public on an upcoming bond vote.

"We are trying to put some athletic and complexes in the district to support the activities of the school district,” said Kelly Hornby representing Natrona County Schools.

Vendors were happy to see such a great turn out this year.

"We know this is a great place to interface with the public and tell the story,” said Hornby.

"I'll be back yes it's been a great show,” said Burton.