Casper Girl Proves We Can All Do Hard Things

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“Simple things such as walking and crawling, things that we take for granted are very difficult for her to do.” said Amber Asay, Preslee’s mother.

Preslee was born two months premature.

“I was born with cerebral palsy.” said Preslee Asay.

“Cognitively she's not affected but but motor wise she is very affected. She has a hard time doing anything physically.” said Asay.

But that hasn't put a dent in Preslee's determination to do the same things as others, and when several members in her family did a half marathon in Utah. Well, Preslee started her own training and that's when her Aunt Kelli had an idea.

"I thought it would be really cool to have a race here with her and invite friends and family and it just grew into something bigger and we wanted to get the whole community involved." said Kelli Bennion.

And when the family found out that the handicap accessible park in Casper still needs thousands of dollars to be finished. Well, they knew the race could serve a bigger purpose.

“It’s a nice place we can take her with her equipment, be it her walker or wheelchair, and she can enjoy a park like any other kid.” said Asay.

But unlike any other kid, Preslee has been in physical therapy, practicing the basics, since birth.

“She's willing to do anything and with just a little bit of push, well she pushes us all as a matter of fact.” said Asay.