Casper City Manager Worried about One Cent Vote

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"We are only spending money where the citizens are telling us to spend it,” said Casper City Manager John Patterson.
So far Casper city employees have received about 4,000 paper surveys, about a thousand from meetings, and just over 100 from online. There appears to be some community sentiment to vote down one cent funds this year, putting city officials out advocating a yes vote in November.
"A lot of people think it is a good thing, what we hear is that a lot of people think it is a good thing, of course on social media you always hear the negative comments,” said Fleur Tremel, the assistant to the city manager.
Those who have filled out a survey so far have continued a tradition in which city services dealing with water, fire and EMS, and street upkeep are at the top of the list.
"2010 it was that way in 2006 it was that way," said Patterson.
Not many results have changed, but one thing which has is ongoing, growing talk of citizens voting against one cent funds. Some people who say their voice isn’t being heard and chose not to be on camera say essential city services should not be funded by one cent funds, but extra city services and recreation should.
"If you’re not concerned with affordable water, clean affordable water, if you’re not concerned with the roads you’re driving on, police and fire services, I hope there will be something there," said Patterson.
Additional one cent funding for the arts and Casper museums is questionable as voters have said that it's not one of the top priorities of the community and have placed it at number 18 at the bottom of the list.
"And so that means that we probably won't be putting money towards arts and museums,” said Patterson.
If one cent fails this year city officials say the public will notice.
"It would be devastating, I mean there would be no money for roads and no money for our water and sewer improvement,” said Patterson.