Casper City Engineers and Hedquist Construction Come to Agreement

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Casper -(KCWY) A Hedquist construction project which was revoked last week has now been tentatively settled.. Thanks to negotiations between the city of Casper and Craig Hedquists attorney.

News 13 spoke to both parties today who commend the mediator in helping come to a conclusion
. "We terminated the construction project with HCI and thought that we had to call the bond to get the work completed,” said Casper city manager John Patterson.

After engineering firm c-e-p-i representatives walked through the project site on Indian Paintbrush with both Craig Hedquist and city engineers separately to hear their complaints... They came up with a proposal and Hedquist construction will pay 42-thousand dollars in liquidated damages.

"In this case the only sidewalk that will be replaced is stuff that is causing water to collect that may compromise the integrity of the road or that may cause a main safety concern for people walking,” said Hedquist’s attorney Michael Lansing.

City manager John Patterson says the project will be completed basically as it was originally intended to be, with some compromise.

"It's my understanding that our engineering department received calls of concern from citizens wondering why the road was built in that fashion and why the concrete work was not done,” said Patterson.

"There was extreme lack of communication between the two parties from June 2013 through to almost November of 2013, and so there was to main opinions as to what was to be completed and what is not,” said Lansing.

CEPI will now monitor the completion of the project by December 31st.

"They really stepped up on this project they defined the work to be done, they then took each party through the projects street by street to determine if there was some means to accept the work that was defined,” said Patterson.

Hedquist's attorney says this was a very fair compromise.

"Hedquist construction takes pride in the work it does it just wanted to make sure it was doing it properly and in the scope of the original terms,” said Lansing.