Casper City Councilman Craig Hedquist Requests Investigation

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Casper -(KCWY) Thursday we reported Casper city councilman Craig Hedquist a probe into alleged ethics violations between the city manager, chief of police, and some council members.
News 13's Cody O’Hara spoke to some of those Hedquist wants investigated and
They were surprised by the letter because they say no new information is in it that hasn't already been discussed. Both Councilwoman Kenyne Schlager and City Manager John Patterson's names came up in the letter to the city attorney and Schlager says she is offended and views it as a personal attack against her.
City manager john Patterson chose to speak off-camera about the accusations, but said he could not comment on camera because of the ongoing federal lawsuit between Hedquist and the city.
One council member though says the situation is concerning.

"I would say the taxpayers are gonna end up spending 100 thousand dollars and truly that is the biggest waste of money we have ever seen,” said Councilwoman Kenyne Schlager.

Now in addition to a federal lawsuit, Councilman Craig Hedquist says he wants the city attorney to investigate potential violation of ethics. Councilwoman Kenyne Schlager says councilmembers should be the ones discussing Hedquist's allegations and what's more, the city attorney can't do what Hedquist asks since it would be a conflict of interest for him.

"I think the timing is very suspect of trying to sabotage during an election,” said Schlager.

Councilman Keith Goodenough says the situation is serious and that Hedquist is going about it the proper way.

"Obviously if you have the minority view on the council that wants an investigation and you are opposing the majority view you can't let council to investigate itself otherwise nothing would ever get done,” said Goodenough.

Hedquist's letter points out a range of concerns pertaining to Patterson, Chief Wetzel and councilmembers including Schlager committing violations he claims could constitute breaking Wyoming law, including misuse of office. Goodenough says he believes Patterson is manipulating council's leadership.

"At this point it's a clash of personalities to a large degree, Patterson, Hedquist, Schlager, and Meyer and it’s a kind of back and forth of the major personalities involved and obviously if you remove some of the personalities or impotence for retaliation and for further investigation disappears,” said Goodenough.

"I feel sorry for a family that can't seem to let go and move forward and really truly seems to want to seek revenge all the time,” said Schlager.

Schlager says she wants to emphasize the city manager doesn't do anything unless council asks for it and she says there's no way it should come back to him. She expects the majority of council to agree this investigation is a waste of time and money.

"Now this is a very emotionally charged situation and we all just really want to get through it,” said Schlager.

News 13 did reach out to Councilman Hedquist but as of now has not heard back from him.
City council members plan to address the letter on Tuesday during their council meeting as well as discussing changes to the city’s ethics code.