Casper City Council Not Expected to Pass E-Cig Regulations Anytime Soon

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Casper -(KCWY) "It's something that is very new; it's not something that has been brought to our attention as a concern,” said Casper City Councilwoman Kenyne Schlager.

As e-cigs continue to gain popularity people are beginning to take notice and pass restrictions on them.

"Now all of a sudden you see shops everywhere, my mother uses an e-cigarette,” said Schlager.

Currently businesses which sell e-cigarettes are waiting to see if they will even be open in two years, the FDA currently is taking comments on new regulations which Casper businesses say would shut them down.

"It was just a matter of time; it's always a waiting game with regulations. There are people who do this ethically and people who do this unethically,” said Lee Wilson, an employee at the Wyoming Vapor Company.

Wilson says the business he works at knows what ingredients go into their product and so do their customers, but some components going into e-cigs are imported into our country and are just as harmful as a cigarette.

"There was a trend of liquids coming in from China and Europe which were formaldehyde which is exactly what you’re trying to get away from,” said Wilson.

"Fear of the unknown, people are not quite sure if it's harmful or what problems it could cause,” said Schlager.

Schlager says Casper city council needs to hear both sides of the case before they make an educated decision on regulating e-cigs within the city, but says if it's proven they're harmful she would vote to make them illegal for minors to possess in Casper, just like Gillette did this week.

"I always tend to lean on the side for what's healthiest for people because I’m in the healthcare field, so ultimately if there is a proven health risk, I would step up,” said Schlager.

"Learn about it, educate it, research it, let’s not jump to conclusions,” said Wilson.