Casper City Council Asks Craig Hedquist To Resign

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Casper, WY -- In a six-to-two vote Thursday evening, Casper City Council passed a resolution asking embattled Councilman Craig Hedquist to resign from his elected position over city ethics violations.

Of course the resolution doesn't force him to do so, and Hedquist's attorney told News 13 Thursday he would stay on council and continue to move forward with suing the City and City Manager John Patterson.

But most council members saw this action as the only resolution they could get on an issue that's been dragging on since September 2013.

Councilmen Goodenough and Sandoval were the two voices of dissent, mostly taking issue with the idea of removing an elected official from office. Goodenough was especially critical of how city staff and then-Mayor Schlager had dealt with the matter initially. A group of Casper citizens voiced their disapproval of council's actions, some calling it bullying and an abuse of power. Others, such as the president of the local association of pastors and ministers, were more supportive, saying council had done the right thing.

Meanwhile, it was clear the year-long process has taken its toll on council members. Thursday night Councilwoman Kenyne Schlager told News 13 she feels this past year has been difficult, and she isn't sure at this point if she wants to spend two more years like this. However she didn't say for sure whether or not she's running for reelection.

Watch the video for a glimpse of how the discussion went.