Casper City Council Approves 68 Million Dollar One Cent Spending List

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Casper -(KCWY) Casper city council approves a just under 70 million dollar optional one cent spending list for the next four years and it will be spent if the tax is approved in November.

News 13 spoke with two candidates running to be Natrona county commissioners about why some opposition is being seen in the county and their outlook on if the vote fails.

"People would notice the difference,” said Casper city councilman Keith Goodenough.

The difference between a city and county with the opportunity to use optional one cent funds and one without.

"I think Casper is probably be the one that would see the impact the least a lot of your municipalities rely on that money for day to day operations and those are the ones that are going to suffer,” said Stephen Schlager, a candidate for Natrona County Commissioner.

Some city officials are concerned if the one cent tax fails this year they will have to cut back on many city services and with a presence of opposition being seen around town the tax which has been passed 14 consecutive times since the 70's is in question.

"If they have the perception that the current money is not being spent wisely or elected officials are not working together efficiently I believe that's where they take out their frustrations,” said Goodenough.

Schlager doesn't attribute opposition to bickering within Casper city council, but more so on our federal government as well as other factors.

"I think some of the reluctance on the tax comes also from lack of knowledge. People don't realize how much benefit is gained by that simple one cent on the dollar,” said Schlager.

If passed, over the next four years the spending list allocates up to 50 million dollars to go toward water, fire, police, and streets the highest ranked priorities from public surveys. 12 million will be divided between another 14 areas of interest, and the final 8 million will be spent on projects within the community.

"As the town expands the locations of the fire stations have to move and I believe there is two new fire stations planned for this new round of one cent money, if it were to fail then those would probably not be built,” said Goodenough.