Casper Carries Kollins

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The staff of one health center has come together to support a local baby who is fighting for his life.

If you saw baby Kollins, you would think he was a normal happy and healthy baby.

“The numbers presented to us were one in a million… he beat those odds I guess but being born and being able to breath and smile is also good odds that he's beaten so far.” said father Kellan Holbrook.

His name means victorious and doctors say it stands true since his birth alone is a miracle..

“Most babies don't survive delivery even, so it’s pretty magical that he's here at all.” said Mother, Jaime Holbrook.

While Kollins was still in the womb, he was diagnosed with extremely rare Cystic Hygroma, the mutation of lymph sacs causing cysts to form, and if the disease does not resolve by 20 weeks of pregnancy the chance of a healthy pregnancy decreases to less than ten percent.
A bump on his side that is now growing internally and externally and pushing on his organs. If not treated. it could take over.

“Family, community, faith. It’s really all we have and it's been enough... its sustained us and it will continue to do so.” said Jaime.

And when Community Health Center employees in Casper heard about baby Kollins they wanted to find a way to help with the pricey medical expenses.

“What we will do is paint pictures on these tiles and eventually they will be fired and hung in the Community Health Center.” said Diane Hercher of Community Health Center.

Pottery by You is participating in the event where for ten dollars, anyone and come and paint a tile with the theme "what does love mean to you"

“We have a big open wall where we will put them and the wall will really be dedicated to Kollins” said Hercher.

And Kollins' family is grateful for the positive support. “He's an excellent example that not everything is terminal, not everything is bad, and that positive things can really truly come from some scary situations.” said Jaime.

The tile painting fundraiser will be held this Friday from 3 to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m at the Community Health Center in Casper.