Casper Brand Blueprint Expected to Be Released End of May

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Casper- (KCWY) "You probably want to launch a brand in springtime and this is springtime, I think,” said Casper city councilman John Patterson.

The branding process has been in the works for months and has seen some setbacks. Casper city council allocated $40,000 to both local Casper marketing firm Adbay and 40,000 more to Believable Brands in California, more money than Nebraska spent on their statewide campaign. The first concept shown to the brand board was sent back for revision.

"It was kind of all inclusive, maybe almost to all inclusive,” said Patterson.

The river, our natural resources, the mountain, and city all included in the concept. Brand board members say it needs to be much simpler.

"We want to take the time to do this, to make sure we get it right and I don't think there is anything wrong with slowing down the process to make sure that happens,” said Casper city councilwoman Kenyne Schlager.

Patterson says those at Believable Brands wanted to research input from 20,000 visitors to Casper, as well and had a hard time merging the list with their survey tool.

"Sometimes you need that outside view so you can come up with something different, for those of us that live here we think of the same thing over and over when we think about Casper,” said Schlager.

"Adbay is going to have a real challenge coming up with a succinct brand that we can all recite in a sentence or two,” said Patterson.

Patterson expects the city to see a whole new wave of positive development when the project is completed.

"Different communities that I have worked for have established a brand and worked that brand and have brought lots of business and tourism to their communities,” said Patterson.

"We aren't going to stop until we see a brand,” said Schlager.